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Steel roof suppliers in Australia

Suppliers Of Metal Roofing In Australia

We take a look at Strammit and Lsaght Metal Roofing Solutions

Steel Roofing Suppliers Australia

This article outlines two of the main steel roofing product suppliers in Australia. For Brisbane home owners there are also a range of other products to choose from. You can contact your local roofing contractor for more information and availability.

With the profusion of roofing solutions currently in the market, it is naturally very difficult to ascertain just which product is the best for your particular needs and preferences. For some individuals the most important factor they consider happens to be durability. While others are more interested in a roofing solution that can seamlessly blend with their homes/building’s exterior design. On the other hand, some people want roofs that offer unmatched aesthetic appeal, and can be effortlessly maintained over the years of their usage.

Metal roofing solutions

In all these requirements, one of the best roofing solutions that can effectively meet all these needs together with plenty more others, happens to metal roofing, and especially steels roofs. It is consequently hardly surprising to see quite a lot roofing contractors in offer a range of metal roofing products from different suppliers including Stramit, Lysaght, Colorbond and even Zincalume. You can visit Pro Build Roofing Brisbane to learn about the full range of metal roofing products available.

Metal Roofing Products Brisbane

These products are also available in all cities including Sydney and Melbourne. All manufacturers are noted for their unmatched versatility in design, durability, energy efficiency, and the wide range of colours and textures they present. There are many steel roof suppliers in Australia, two of the main ones are: Stramit and Lysaght, but the fact still remains that the quality of products they offer are very similar. The final decision normally comes down to price.

Stramit Steel Roofing

Stramit Metal Roofing Brisbane

Stramit roofing solutions provide is a plethora of choices you could opt for. Among the finest of these include the Stramit curved corrugated & bullnose roofing cladding that is highly noted for its unmatched flexibility in design. This essentially means that it can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any roofing structure, both in conventional and contemporary buildings. This roofing solution also comes with through-fixed screws that greatly simplify its installation. While also having diverse curved shapes from which you can pick the one that fits into your roof. You might also like to try out Stramit speed deck ultra concealed fixed decking , which among other features offers;

  • Wide cover span that means you can be in position to use fewer sheets.
  • Full length clips that effectively compress your home/building’s insulation.
  • Built-in automatic bird proofing.
  • Spring curving for buildng that feature curved or arched roof structures.

You might also like to give other stramit products a go, and apart from these two; there is the stramit corrugated roofs & wall cladding, stramit sunset patio panel, stramit monoclad roof & wall cladding or even the stramit longspan roof & wall cladding.

Visit Stramit for more information

Lysaght Steel Roofing

Lysaght Metal Roofing Brisbane

Lysaght roofing products are widely acclaimed for the wide range of applications they can be used in. From traditional corrugated roofs to commercial concealed fixed roofing and rib & span solutions. All these profiles are fashioned from top quality colorbond and zincalume steel, which like aforementioned are noted for their:

  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Resilience
  • Wide range of colour options

Some of the most popular lysaght include Custom ORB, KLIP-LOK 700 HI strength and TRIMDED among a host of many others. You can visit the Lysaght website for more details.

And Finally..

If you are considering upgrading to a metal roof consider the above options, these two brands are reliable and have stood the test of time.

Most Brisbane based roofing contractors will offer a range of options including Colorbond roofing which is one of the most popular in Australia and available in all cities including, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Steel Fabrication For Roofing

How Steel is Fabricated For Home Roofing and Framework

Steel roof fabrication is the process of manufacturing metal structures through various processes that include cutting, bending and assembling. These structures are later assembled and joined for use.

Steel & Metal Roofing Fabrication

Cutting of the steel:

Cutting is the first operation in the fabrication process. The steel is cut according to the specified size and shape of the roofing sheets required. The size and shape will depend on the type of roof it is being manufactured for. The most common form of cutting steel is shearing whereby the steel is cut into the desired shape and size without the formation of chips or without the use of burning or melting. It works by pushing the steel against the die which is usually fixed. There are other cutting techniques and tolls that are used to cut steel. One of them is the circular saw. The circular saw is used to cut the steel to length and is pre programmed which ensures that efficient cutting speed and it also reduces wear of the steel. Apart from this, it also ensures accuracy. Cutting can also be done through gas or flame cutting. A mixture of oxygen and propane gas is used to preheat the steel to a temperature of between 700 degrees and 900 degrees. After preheating, pure oxygen is passed through the preheated steel. The contact between the pure oxygen and the gas mixture creates a slag which is blown away and hence leaves room for continued cutting. Plasma cutting can also be used and a plasma arc system is used for this.


This is the process of cutting a material to the final shape and size using a controlled material removal process. There are basically three machining processes that can be used in the machining of steel and they include turning, drilling and milling. Turning method is used by using Lathe machines. The workpiece (steel) is rotated against the cutting tool in order to achieve the desired shape. When it comes to milling, a milling machine is used to shape the steel. The cutting tool rotates to bring cutting edges to bear against the workpiece (steel). This is opposite to turning whereby the steel was the one rotating. Drilling of the steel can be done on drilling machines or on the lathe or milling machines. Drilling produces holes on the steel and it is done by bringing a rotating cutter that has cutting edges into contact with the steel and cuts the desired shape of the hole.


Welding is the process whereby two or more sheets are joined together to form a single component for the roof. These pieces are then put in place like a jigsaw to complete the entire roof system. It is often done by melting the steel and any other material that may be used. There are various welding methods which include:

  • shielded metal arc wielding
  • gas tungsten arc welding
  • gas metal arc welding among other methods


Final Assembly:

After the welding process, the steel is allowed to cool. The cooling helps the steel to harden to a certain degree. After it has cooled, it is sand blasted, primed and painted according to the specifications given and transported to the required location for dispatch. There are several companies that provide metal or steel roofing sheets for use within the residential roofing industry.

Ten Reasons To Use Steel For Home Building

Why Steel is Popular For Home Construction

Steel is constantly increasing its share use in the construction industry with most engineers emphasizing that in the near future a significant share of the domestic market have shifted to the use of steel in their construction. In the past, steel was only used in the layout and exterior finishing but in the current market it has widen its options. Steel has special qualities that include strength and light in weight which has led to the rise of innovative designs into the industry.

Steel- framed houses began with the fall of availability of building materials which led to growth of steel framing systems made from bitumen coated steel sections. Galvanized steel frames made using 1.6mm base material got introduced into the market and started building houses. Over years steel-framed houses were made using different selection of material thickness and profile. The industry became very innovative as a result of being more material and cost effective

Home Interiors

Steel-framed houses have a key feature of being versatile with design features including high ceiling, curved walls and circular and curved windows as well as large open-plan layouts that do not demand for load bearing columns and walls.

Steel Building Framework


Steel framing has created the platform for excellent finished textured and rendered external walls that bring about stylish alternative to bricks which has taken many homes to the building awards. This option was formerly exclusively left for the high spenders of this home market but new cost saving skills and materials have been incorporated to provide alternative for average households. The light weight and strength of steel has made it a perfect choice for two-storey houses with most professionals emphasizing it as the better option for multiple storeys especially in regions prone to bad weather and disasters. Suppliers include: Bluescope (Australia) and Nucor (USA). You can also find a full list of steel suppliers here.

The idea behind this kind of construction is the use of strong, light, cold formed steel sections to construct structural frame in a pattern resembling the old timber construction. Therefore the frames can well-match with all popular cladding and lining materials like the plasterboard, interior trait of paneling, plywood flooring and particleboard, brickwork, metal cladding and tiling.

Steel framing has become common with growing number of project builders, architects, kit home suppliers contractors and consumers generally. They specify steel framed homes due to design versatility and consistency. Every piece of the structures is made from reliable quality assured materials with controlled dimensions, strength and coating.

Benefits Of Using Steel

Steel framing come with a range of benefits. The following are top ten reasons to use steel frames for homes:


  1. Strength, reliability and rigidity: A versatile material processed to high principles of quality control.
  2. Close dimensional tolerance including perfect straightness that results into accurate square with flat wall surface.
  3. Steel frames do not warp neither shrink hence keeping the lining and cornice in place. Nails do not pop out and unsightly cracks never appear.
  4. Home owners do enjoy the freedom from attacks by termites, dry rot and borers.
  5. Steel frames are non-combustible and fire resistant thus attracting low insurance premiums which are a great relieve to the home owners.
  6. Galvanized or Zincalume coating provide protection against possible dampness in wall cavities and under floors.
  7. Steel frames create a complete freedom in the architectural style and floor layout.
  8. The steel frames are available in a selection of fully engineered proprietary system at competitive and economical cost.
  9. Steel frame homes have little periodic structural maintenance cost.
  10. Steel frame homes provide more healthier homes because they do not require additional chemical treatment especially for people with asthma.

steel framed homes

Steel is becoming increasing popular as a leading choice when constructing new homes. Steel frames are safe, affordable and easy to install.